Elite Hair and beauty Home studio introduce to you the sewn in hair extension technique.
Sewn in hair extensions, also known as weave-in extensions, it is the original hair extension method. Even with so many new methods emerging, it is still the most widely used, especially by women with afro type hair. Once the extensions are sewn in, they can be washed, dried, curled and styled just like your own hair. Sewn in extensions come in a variety of textures, colors and shapes. You can easily match your hair texture and the hair can be coloured or highlighted to match your own natural hair.

Hair weaves are applied by one of four methods. The first uses tight cornrows braided along the scalp. Once the braids are completed, tracks of hair are sewn into the infrastructure of the braids to secure them. You can also have your hair weave bonded to your existing hair. With bonding, hair weaves are glued into the hair using a special bonding glue applied sparingly, close to the scalp.

Hair weaves come in different materials, so they have different price points and application methods. Natural hair is better for styles meant to be long and flowing.

With hair weaves, you can change your hairstyle without drastically changing the cut and length of your hair. Weaving in tracks of hair can add volume, length and even color, making it a good way to temporarily change up your look. Hair weaves can be worn for months at a time, or put in and taken out rather quickly for a swift change in appearance