Considering investing in hair extensions but still questioning if they are worth it or if you really need them? These days hair extensions are being worn by more and more women on a global scale and on a variety of women. Hair Extensions are not only worn by women wanting a new look, or women whom are regretting the bad haircut they just got, they are also worn for numerous reasons as detailed below.

1. Many women suffer from hair loss for numerous reasons, it can be minor or in some cases extreme hair loss. The hair loss could even be temporary or permanently due to a medical condition. Having hair extensions not only gives these women a full head of hair, it does so much more than that for them. It instantly gives them a boost in their self-esteem and gives them the confidence to go out in public not having to worry about their hair loss being visible nor it having to be tied up in a bun all the time. .



2. We have all experienced going into a hairdresser and asking for a trim or a style cut
and walking out regretting the service and being unhappy with the amount of hair that had been taken off. Hair extensions can instantly give you the length back as desired.

hair trim went wrong

The good amazing thing about hair extensions is that it can easily fix this problem in no time.
you have a choice between getting a Clip In haireExtensions, or get a permanent hair extensions, such as Weave, Tape, Microbeads, Nano Rings, Fusion Extensions.

3. Many women will appear to have flat, lifeless, limp or dull hair even if their hair is long, it just won’t grow passed a certain length. Hair extensions are the best way to add not only length but overall body and volume, that VA VA VOOM to your hair giving you a completely new look.



4. You may not know this but hair extensions are a great way to wait out chemically damaged hair. Many of us frequently bleach or dye our own hair at home and of course this takes it’s toll on our natural hair.


5. Wanting to add highlights or a balayage effect to your hair or play around with colours without damaging your own hair? Hair extensions are a great way to switch up your hair colour without dying your hair or only some of your own hair.


balayage clip

false hightlights

6. Have a wedding coming up or a special event? Hair extensions are a great way to have your hair looking fabulous and luscious and who knows you may not even want to take them off after that one day!


7. Hate waking up and having to do your hair in the morning so that it looks somewhat presentable? Running late for work and deciding if it’s quicker to curl, straighten or tie up your hair? Hair extensions make the process of getting ready a whole lot easier, the simplest style would be a loose plait which take only seconds.


8. You may be unaware of this but hair extensions are commonly used by men as well; in the form of a toupee. Men just like women with hair loss suffer from the same lack of self-esteem and confidence. A toupee is a hair piece that is used to cover the head.


9. Hair extensions will not cause damage to your own natural hair provided you seek advice from a professional hair stylist who can suggest the correct method that will suit your hair and your lifestyle.