Consultation Fee



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Consultation is a must prior any of our Hair Extensions service

Why is a consultation so important when you are thinking of getting Hair Extensions?
I cannot express the importance of a consultation when considering hair extensions as an option for your hair. Even if you have previously worn
them before, it is a good idea to meet and consult with the stylist first.

Potential clients are always interested in the possible costs involved. This cannot not really be estimated without a person in a face to face meeting. Describing  your hair to the stylist on the phone or through email does not really help, because although you may feel you are accurately describing your hair length, density of your hair, and how long your would like your extensions to be, this may not be the case. An Stylist has to assess the density of your hair, measure where how long you would like to hair extensions to be and check for damage in a very visual way.
During a consultation, price can be determined more accurately. Colour is discussed and a match is made provided that the client likes her current hair colour. if she does not, the colour is perfected and then a colour match is made. The length of hair the client wants and what her hair can support is discussed. pictures of styles can be brought to the stylist to show them the idea of what you would like and if it is possible.
It is a 30mn face to face chat
Tuesday and Wednesday are the only days available for consultation booking.
Salon Open 10am to 5/30pm
Consultation Fee please do not use Afterpay option for this service