Lace Wigs Collection

The Craftsmanship

The key to making a lace wig that looks undetectable and realistic is the hairline. With more than ten years experience in supplying wigs. We have a strict Quality Control and inspection system for every procedure including making caps and bases, choosing high quality raw hair, sorting hair, colouring hair, bleaching hair, rolling hair, knotting hair (single knots, double knots, injection, half knots, bleached knots,and styling. Our Raw Human hair is 100% high quality, non-damaged human Remy or Virgin hair.

Our Human hair lace wigs are available in Lace Front or Full Lace with the entire wig cap being designed from lace. The entire base of the wig is made of lace material that is matched to the scalp colour so that the hair actually looks like it is growing from your scalp. The entire lace base also makes the wig look more lightweight and realistic. Our Full lace wigs can also be parted anywhere, styled in any way, or worn in a high ponytail just like your own hair. Once applied, the wig creates its own flawless, natural and invisible hairline.

Remy Hair

ELITEHAIR Human hair lace wig collection is made from Premium grade Remy Human hair which comes in different colours textures and curls. Most manufacturers use harsh chemicals processing to create curls and textures; however ELITEHAIR lace wig curls and textures are made with an innovative high pressure technique. This technique allows the hair to have better longevity and a healthier appearance.

Virgin Hair

Our Virgin Hair is second to none in both quality and durability. Only young, healthy non-damaged hair is selected while all harsh chemicals, including acid treatments that cause tangling and breakage are eliminated from our production process creating hair that is luxuriously soft. This collection features premium grade unprocessed Virgin Hair from a single donor (for every six ounces of hair). We offer five types of Virgin hair. These include Indian Virgin Hair, Chinese Virgin Hair, Malaysian Virgin Hair, Mongolian Virgin hair and Brazilians Virgin Hair.