Afro hair

Specialist afro hairdressers in Perth

At EliteHair, we understand the day to day styling needs of our valued clients and their afro, curly, multi-textured hair. 


Relaxer Treatments for Afro & Multi Textured Hair at ELITEHAIR Studio Perth

You’re just five steps away from sensational smooth hair at EliteHair – specialist in afro hairdressers in Perth. At EliteHair Studio Perth, we understand the day to day styling needs of our valued clients and their afro, curly, multi-textured hair. Many of our clients seek us out, searching for expert black hairdressers in Perth who can straighten afro hairsoften afro curls and ultimately relax afro or multi-textured hair.

Benefits of Relaxer Treatments on Afro or Curly Textured Hair

  • Straighten afro hair
  • Smooth afro or curly textured hair
  • Soften your afro hairstyle
  • Make afro and curly hair less tangled
  • Manage your afro hairstyle easier
  • Reduce styling time spent on your afro or multi textured hair

Hair relaxers at EliteHair are created with YOU and your individual hair styling needs in mind. When relaxing afro hair, we take many factors into consideration such as;

  • What afro curl type are you?
  • What is the condition of your afro hair?
  • Is your afro or multi textured hair suitable for a relaxer?
  • How would you like your afro hair to look after the relaxer? What hairstyle is on your wish list?
  • What is your home hair care routine like?

Whether you’re looking to straighten afro hair, smooth afro curls, reduce frizz of afro hair or curly textured hair, professional relaxer treatments at EliteHair studio will deliver exceptional results every time. Our talented team of specialist afro hairdressers are experts at creating smoother styles for our happy clients and their afro hair


Our price structure reflects the educational knowledge and practical experience of the
Stylist. The range in each price bracket is determined by the condition of the hair, the
length, the desired finish and the time to perform the service.

To book and appointment or a Free Hair Consultations, please call us on 0450494952

Cancellation Policy
If you need to re-schedule or cancel an appointment, please provide at least a full 48 hrs so we can allocate the appointment to another Client otherwise a Cancellation Fee will be incurred.


Treatments From To
Moisture – infuses moisture into dry hair $35.50 45.50
Strengthening $50 $59.50
Custom Blend / Combination

(Moisture & Protein)

Dry & Itchy Scalp Relief $59.50
Reconstructive –

repairs damaged, brittle hair

$59.50 $69.50
Post relaxer treatment $30

*All Treatments come with a relaxing and soothing head massage


Full head tint From $110
Tint regrowth From $100
T-section From $120
Half head highlights From $170
Full head highlights From $220
Creative Colour By Consultation

*All colour prices do not include blow dry, cut or finish.  Please note a skin test may be required at least 48hrs before required colour service


Cutting & Styling

Shampoo & finish From $50
Shampoo, cut & finish From $100
Dry cut From  $50
Trim From $25
Put up By Consultation
Bridal service By Consultation


Natural Hair

Twist out From $110

(own hair

From $130
Single plaits

(own hair)

From $140

(own hair)

From $60


From $95
Shampoo and fork out/blow out From $50