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About Us

— Our Story

Hello my name is Sylvia Knox and I am the owner and Senior Hair Stylist for Elite Hair& Beauty. I am original from Benin a beautiful Country in West Africa. Coming from Black African American background hair extensions has always been part of my everyday life, from the age of 5 years old i have already been introduce to hair extensions due to my Afro oily hair type which unlike straight hair type can be hard to look after.
Hair has always been my passion, at the age of 8 i was already doing my sister and friends hair.
In 2007 after Completing my Master Degree in English Phonetic, I then decided to pursue my dream , I enrolled in Hair & Beauty school which i completed within 2 years of in job training and in class training.
I am a fully Trained and qualified Weaveolgist for over 8 years, I have hand on experience for as long as I can remember.About Elite Hair Extensions, I have been wearing hair Extensions for over 25 years, I have seen it the good the bad the ugly, and now with my eye close i can tell if hair is real or not. Before I establish my business I have travel across the globe to find the best hair extensions that I could possibly offer my customers. I always focus on keeping a Honest Business that is fair, respectful and provides quality.
We supply by far The Best hair Extensions in Australia and hold the title of 4th Best hair Extensions Internationally. So if you want to by our hair feel free.
We promise to supply you with the best hair 100% cuticle aligned real remy human.
We constantly listen to our clients needs and adapt our services and products to what you want.
We promise that we will be there to answer all your questions. So, for any questions, at any time please contact us at
We promise therefore we can confidently say that choosing Elite Hair & Beauty Studio is making the right choice!

Elite Hair & Beauty


Tel: 08 9393 3474
Mob: 0450 494 952


At Elite Hair & Beauty Studio we aim to provide the highest quality service and products to all our customers at affordable prices.

Why Choose Us?

Most people choose Elite Hair And Beauty Studio because they have been referred by a friend or family member, we pride ourselves on this fact as we know what a powerful tool word-of-mouth is and we know we are doing something right when our clients recommend us to their friends.

We are determined to provide you with the best possible service at an affordable price. We understand the financial constraints people are under these days and do our best to be as competitive as possible in the market place without jeopardizing our quality or standards. By choosing Elite Hair And Beauty Studio you know you are getting the best possible experience for the best price available.

Your Experience

We pay attention to all our lovely customers and we can guarantee that you will have a great experience at Elite Hair And Beauty Studio, whatever hair extension method you choose to go for we never leave a customer unsatisfied.

Our Staff

We a select type of staff working with us here at Elite hair, we are 100% comitted to offering you the best service. We pride ourself on being friendly and giving our customers the personnal touch. We focus highly on customer service and making our clients feel like a million dollars! you guys are worth it after all!

Customer Satisfaction

We carefully survey and study our clients perception of us and make sure that we always adapt ourselves in areas that need improvement. We are always open to suggestions and appreciate any feedback from our clients.

After Your Treatment

We are not the type of facility that turns over new customers and quickly forget about them. We are always on hand to give advice and consultation even after your procedure. We love to build relationships with our clients and ensure that you are happy with the results after your treatment.

You are in a beauty contest every day of your life.